Alright, I have canceled my next big production, "A night at the rave" due to some idea issues and I overall didn't really want to make a movie with that theme anymore.I've been lately listening to a lot of psychedelic rock, which may prove useful for some up-and-coming movies of mine.

Now, off of that serious stuff for a bit, I've been recently playing to very awesome games, such as this one and this one too.

I find them both to be extremely fun, so I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Other than that, look foward to some new movies of mine, I've been taking advice and help from TremcladClock and DwarfinatorClock of the ClockCrew, man, they're such swell guys!

A night at the rave update

2008-02-07 14:33:33 by Lambdaclock

So I've been working on my next big project, so much so that I haven't been able to go on that much internet in the past week or so. I'll keep updating this with things I've added, but so far I'm working with a Newgrounds user from the audio portal named "Kid2will," we're working with new sound and this should all be very epic.

Yes sir ee...

2007-10-04 16:38:15 by Lambdaclock